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Our Spices

Jake's Original Steak Spice

The original. This is the spice that started it all and continues to keep the lights on! The blend of twelve herbs and spices will have your mouth watering and you will be pushing people out of the way for a second helping. Great for any meat and especially Steak. From our home, to yours.

Jake's Lemon Pepper Spice

The Lemon Pepper is a refreshing and zesty flavour that compliments any dish. The combination of Lemon, Garlic, and Rock salt makes for a fragrant and powerful yet subtle blast of flavour. Enjoy on Chicken, Pork, Potatoes, and even Popcorn!

Jake's Cajun Spice

The Jake's Cajun will kick things up a bit while staying true to our family blend. The Cajun has the perfect amount of heat to take your dish to next level. If you like cajun, you will love this offering. Add Jake's Cajun to any recipe to kick up the heat!

Nutritional Information

All of our spice is Gluten Free and low in Sodium.

9% Sodium per one gram compared to our major competitors at 15% to 24%

Shake The Jake's!