Now in the spice aisle at your local Calgary and Area Sobeys/Safeway!

Our Story

The Legend

Stories say that Jake created his legendary steak spice on a gamble. He wagered a thousand dollars that he could cook a steak so tasty that it would cause lightning to fall from the heavens. He won the bet. Just a legend?

Let your taste buds be the judge! 

The Origin

The blend of spice had been used for over thirty years in Dale O’Grady restaurants across Saskatchewan in Canada.

The Brand

After thirty years of serving his well-kept secret and urging of his customers, in the spring of 2011, The Legend of Jake's was born in Chestermere, Canada. Jake's is quickly becoming a very sought after necessity when cooking with meats. Jake’s is the only spice you will ever need.     

Shake The Jake's!